Our Company

Improving business since 1984, The Simplex Group, Inc. provides construction project management software that’s easy to use, high in added value, and reasonably priced.


Continuing to raise the bar for project management systems, we’re excited to offer our clients business-class solutions like Microsoft Office 365.

Forward Thinking

VPO has enabled teams to work better together since before Cloud-based systems were mainstream.

Problem Solvers

We take a consultative approach on every client engagement, and tailor systems to serve our customers’ processes.

Customer Support

We take pride in our customer service. Clients can count on us to respond quickly and accurately, and coordinate the resources necessary to solve their issues.

How We Began

Since 1984 we’ve worked with clients from a variety of industries, whose businesses are project-intensive. We’ve enjoyed demonstrating that improving the way they manage their projects can dramatically improve their bottom line. Many of our customers have been consulting with us for over thirty years, benefiting from our experience and expertise with Microsoft and Oracle Primavera solutions.

We realized that our clients’ project information was not being organized successfully for collaborative use. Many project team members were storing vital documents in disparate places–on a file server, their desktop, an FTP site, in email. . .on cocktail napkins!

And the challenge we found even more interesting was that project information didn’t only need to be shared logically among people on a customer’s internal project team. It was often external collaborators whose project information required the most re-organization.

Our approach in creating VPO? Make it simple. In keeping with our company name, Simplex, we simplify the complex.

What We’ve Become

VPO is a secure, easy-to-use, Web-based workspace that project stakeholders use for viewing, privately publishing, and logically routing up-to-date information, and for measuring progress—while streamlining cumbersome processes that commonly diminish success on projects.

By leveraging leading Cloud-based solutions from Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, and combining them with our project management expertise and content, we’ve packaged a scalable project management system that works for small, fast-paced projects as well as for large, complex projects–and for a combination of both. We’re able to deploy VPO quickly by using proven content that can be customized for the client and enhanced over time, to develop a system that is truly built for the customer.

And we take a hands-on approach throughout, to set up our customers and the people they invite into their systems for success, through training and support. We want our clients to be able to focus on what they do best–managing their projects–and leave the administration to us.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of individuals who are dedicated to the success of our VPO clients. We pride ourselves on understanding each client’s requirements and delivering innovative solutions in support of them. With VPO, you get an account team who’s with you all along the way. Together, we work with you to ensure that your goals are being met with VPO, that your team is comfortable using VPO, and that whenever you have questions or issues, you have an easy way of getting help with VPO.

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Laura M. Nee

Laura M. Nee

President and CEO

As our company’s visionary, Laura manages product development and partner relations while overseeing marketing, sales, and operations.

Beth L. Anderson

Beth L. Anderson

Director of VPO Operations

Beth transitions our clients from sales to implementation, and ensures that VPO exceeds expectations. Having been a team leader from the start, she’s our resident VPO expert! Beth continues to develop VPO while managing and mentoring her staff.

Melissa Berkebile

Melissa Berkebile

Application Development Manager

Melissa oversees complex projects that require application development and integration with line-of-business systems like SAP, Sage, and Oracle. She customizes VPO, develops Power BI reports, and assists our support team on client requests.
Marisa DiNunno

Marisa DiNunno

Customer Success Manager

Marisa delivers customized product demos to prospective customers and leads full-solution implementations for our clients. She works closely with VPO customers to understand their requirements and translate them into solutions that include business processes and training for deployments. Fostering customer satisfaction and success—that’s her priority, and her passion.

Daisy Miksch

Daisy Miksch

Client Relations Manager

Daisy has helped our clients determine that VPO is the right solution for them. She issues our clients’ invoices, manages relationship records, and serves as our primary communicator. She also assists the VPO team with a variety of other needs, from processing sales orders to planning events.

Travis Nay

Travis Nay

Support Engineer

As part of the Support Team, Travis provides timely and accurate troubleshooting for user access issues, helps set up new project sites, and invites external users to VPO. Through his experience as an Information Technology Manager, he has developed a strong skill set with Windows Server, Exchange and SharePoint administration (on-premise and Office 365), Citrix Access Essentials and XenApp, in addition to PC repairs and troubleshooting Windows OS software.
Christine Pacyna

Christine Pacyna

Customer Support Manager

Chris administers VPO for our clients by creating new projects, configuring security, and inviting external users on our customers’ behalf. A creative and resourceful thinker, she’s always ready to respond to any issues our users raise.
Kelly Rickli

Kelly Rickli

UX Designer

Dedicated to optimizing VPO’s look and feel, Kelly customizes the VPO user experience by creating dashboards, charts, graphs, and printable PDF reports. She enjoys conquering the challenge of recreating reports whenever our clients (or their clients!) require specific paperwork. Our customers love being able to run tailored reports directly from VPO.
Casey Scogins

Casey Scogins

Construction Technologist

Casey’s background blends construction with technology–and blending construction with technology is precisely what she helps our clients do. In facilitating implementations with our customers, she presents various technology options based on each client’s unique needs, and makes sure that their construction management solution is not only tailored from the start, but that it also changes with their ever-changing business requirements.

Jennifer Zezza

Jennifer Zezza

Application Developer

Jen joins our Development Team as an Application Developer for VPO. She contributes to the development, design and customization of VPO. Jen plays an integral part in determining our product roadmap and works with our team to continuously improve and streamline VPO. Additionally, she assists our Support Team with client requests.

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