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Provides a Single Platform

VPO enables all project participants to use one system to manage the entire life cycle of the project – from project inception through closeout. It can be used by Owners, Construction Management Firms, Architects, Engineers, Vendors, Suppliers and Contactors. It can serve as the single project of record in case of a claim or dispute. And it streamlines traditional manual processes into automated processes for construction document reviews – keeping your project moving.

Establishes Role-Based Permissions

It is critical that you establish security rights for team members when you are working within a single platform with multiple project participants. You need to ensure that people only have access to the information that they are privy to.

We work with you to determine the levels of permissions that are needed for each feature in VPO. We can even setup item-level permissions so that people can only see items involving their company or their user id. This is particularly important in areas involving confidential information like Change Orders, Applications for Payment, and Bid documents.

Adds Value with Customization

We offer best practices as a starting point that are proven and used on real projects by real customers. VPO is very customizable –a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for many of our customers. That’s the difference between it and other off-the-shelf applications. We give you a starting point so that you can use it right out of the gate and then we work with you to tweak what we have and add new features that are required for your projects.

By working with a vendor who understands that “software should support your processes and not force you to change your process to fit the software”, you’re able to start quickly with proven best practices and grow into a more useful and valuable construction management system that really becomes your company’s standard practice in managing projects.

Promotes User Adoption

VPO is simple and easy to learn. Being built on a Microsoft platform, our customers say the interface and usability is no different than other Microsoft applications. Our customers don’t have to spend time learning a proprietary system that offers a steep learning curve.

Offers Mobility

Nowadays, everyone is on the move. Whether you’re traveling to the job site, working from home, working out of your car you still need access to your project information. With VPO you will have access to the online environment of your project using a PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone –anytime from virtually anywhere. You can even sync documents locally to be able to work with them offline.

And with the mobile apps you’ll be able to manage documents, photos, videos, field reports and more. With the ability to take any document offline you’ll still be able to access these files regardless of whether you are connected to the internet. Our mobile apps support not only Microsoft operating systems but also iOS and Android.

Offers Predictable Fees

Some construction management applications can be a costly upfront investment to get started –especially if you are just looking to use it on a single project. With VPO, we offer flexible price plans that are paid on a monthly basis for as long as you need it.  This way, you can predict exactly what your costs are and they won’t fluctuate throughout the life of project.

If you prefer annual pricing we are happy to accommodate you. Our customers appreciate our no commitment approach to using our software. Why would we want to force you to use a system you don’t think is meeting your needs? We don’t have to lock customers into a contract for them to stay with us. They stay because they want to stay and are receiving great benefits from our solution.

Reduces Project Costs

By having a single construction management platform for all project participants to use, it will lower project costs by allowing team members to work more efficiently and productively. If you compare paper-based documents alone that are traditionally printed out during the lifetime of a project with running things online, you’ll find a huge cost savings right there.

You can also take into account the amount of administration time it takes team members to prepare construction documents, distribute information to team members and keep on top of potential delay issues using a traditional method. There is no comparison.

Delivers a Secure Cloud Infrastructure

With a cloud-based solution, there is no additional hardware or expensive perpetual software license costs that you need to buy upfront. You also don’t need to get your IT professionals involved to install and support the software.

Microsoft, the provider of your Office 365™ environment, takes every precaution to make sure your environment is up and running 99.9% of the time.

Your data is yours. You own it. You control it. We invite you to learn more about Microsoft’s commitments and information about security, privacy, and compliance at the Microsoft Trust Center.

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