Invite contractors to upload bid documents to a secure site.
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We have over 500 Contractors who can submit bids on our construction projects. Thankfully we can count on Simplex to be our first level of support for the Contractors. Jason M.

Contract Administrator, Facilities Owner

Bid Management

The bid management process can be overwhelming to manage. It typically takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate a list of approved Contractors, Vendors, and Suppliers that you’d like to solicit bids from–let alone to note their qualifications, certifications, location, and more. When inviting companies to bid on your projects, it’s hard to keep track of whom you’ve sent a bid request to, whether or not they’ve received it, and whether or not they will bid on it; and then to provide an easy mechanism for them to submit their bids.

Maintain Qualified Bidders List

With VPO, you can maintain a central list of bidders–including vital information like qualifications, certifications, and more, that will assist you in organizing the bid process. We even offer a unique service of managing the bid process for you, allowing you to focus on other important work.

Manage Bid Invitation Process

We work with Owners, Construction Managers, and General Contractors to solicit and manage bids from qualified Vendors, Suppliers, and Contractors, and we provide a secure Cloud-based environment so each approved company can download bid documents, submit questions, receive addenda, and understand important deadlines.

Provide Cloud-based Environment for Uploading Bids

As your bidders prepare their documents, they use your secure environment with role-based security. As they upload their bids, automatic e-mail notifications are sent to the appropriate people.

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