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Office 365 Video

So have you checked out the core elements of Office 365 Video yet? Simplicity; discoverability and share-ability; mobility; and built-in, easy-to-manage security.

Office 365 Video

“Your business flourishes when all employees are informed, working together and aligned to the same important goals. Office 365 Video is just the first of numerous NextGen Portals to come to Office 365—portals to best support your corporate intranet needs, your knowledge management requirements, and facilitate how people and groups can best represent themselves—all designed to be mobile, engaging, intelligent and ready to go–for you.”

Outlook on iOS, and a Preview of Outlook on Android

The new Outlook app brings together the core tools you need to get things done–your e-mail, calendar, contacts, and files–helping you get more done, even on the smallest screen. The app works with all major e-mail services (including, Exchange Server, Office 365, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.). It’s free for personal use, and qualifying Office 365 subscriptions will enable commercial use rights for businesses.

Outlook on iOS and Android will replace the OWA for iPhone, iPad, and Android apps; however, businesses who want features such as IRM should continue to use the OWA for Devices experience on phones and tablets for the near term. These advanced features will be coming to Outlook on iOS and Android in the coming months.

Feel free to use these links, to download the Outlook app for iOS or Android.

Changes to the SharePoint Online Public Website feature

According to Microsoft, WIX and GoDaddy are now available as third-party solution offerings for Office 365 customers using the Online Public Website feature. This change is the newest to be announced.

As a reminder, Office 365 customers who currently use the Online Public Website feature will continue to have access to the feature for a minimum of two years following the changeover date. Customers who do not currently use the feature will no longer have access to it as of the changeover date.

Moving forward, Office 365 customers will have access to additional third-party offerings that will enable them to easily integrate their public websites with their Office 365 service. Specific partner availability may vary over time and by market. For more information, see the following Microsoft website: Website hosting partners for Office 365.

Walsh Construction Manages 606 Project for City of Chicago, Using Office 365 (Similar to VPO)

We’re so excited to share this exclusive customer success video series from Microsoft, on how Walsh Construction uses Office 365 to coordinate key construction documents between Engineers, Project Managers, and Construction Workers on the 606 project. Our VPO solution, being built on Microsoft’s Office 365 platform and combining with Simplex’s experience in project management, offers this same functionality. (more…)

Study: PMs Want Cloud-based Efficiency and Ease

Application-selection service Software Advice recently analyzed a random sample of 385 of their interactions with small-business buyers looking for new solutions for project management. We’d be happy to demonstrate how our Web-based solution, VPO, Virtual Project Office, can meet your team’s specific project-management needs. In the meantime please enjoy an excerpt from their report, including some of their key findings: (more…)

Marking Up Drawings and Documents Using Adobe Shared Review in a Collaborative Team Environment

How can we mark up drawings and docs as a project team? Contributor Laura Nee, Simplex President/CEO, shares her insight.

In a collaborative project environment, it’s common practice to collect comments, markups, signatures, and more on an electronic file while it’s in a protected format, like a .pdf file. Within our VPO solution, you can collect multiple team members’ comments using Adobe’s Acrobat XI Pro application and the Shared Review process.

Here’s an example:  (more…)