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Small Businesses Benefit from Office 365

Small Businesses Benefit from Office 365

  • Accessibility from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Patches and maintenance managed by service providers such as Google and Microsoft
  • Ease of collaborating internally with Office applications now in the Cloud
  • Efficient internal communication with Lync instant message, and video conferencing
  • Flexibility for the business, as owners can pay as you go and add e-mail accounts


Microsoft Project Conference 2014

Using Microsoft Project? Want to? Contributor Laura Nee, Simplex President/CEO, recommends that you attend this year’s Microsoft Project Conference to learn more.

Join over 1,200 Project Managers, Executives and Technology Professionals from different industries to learn about the powerful capabilities included in Microsoft Project and the project and portfolio management (PPM) solution–available on premise or in The Cloud. Earn professional development units (PDUs) for attending! (more…)

Using Timesheets for Better Estimating

What’s the value in using Timesheets? Contributor Laura Nee, Simplex President/CEO shares her insight.

One of the biggest challenges on a project is accurately planning the amount of time it’s going to take for someone to complete a task. By nature, people tend to think, optimistically, that they can get a task done sooner than is really possible. When building an estimate myself, I’ll ask my team how long it will take to complete a task, and then double it!  Estimating is difficult. What can help is using a project management system the way it’s designed–for tracking how long it actually takes someone to complete a task, comparing it to what was planned, and then revising your template so that the next time you plan a similar task, you are using a helpful estimate. (more…)

The Challenge of Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

What is it that makes PPM such a challenge? Contributor Laura Nee, Simplex President/CEO shares her insight.

People underestimate the “culture” change that is required to make it a success. People need to realize that the same informal methods that were used in the past are not going to work in the future. They need to realize that in order to meet the goals and objectives of the organization, they have to change their methods. Change is hard. Management needs to be behind the initiative. Otherwise it will fail. Management needs to communicate continually about the goals and objectives of the organization and how important it is to change the processes and procedures of how projects are executed in the future. (more…)