VPO is taking off. . .and so is the VPO team!

CEO Laura Nee, and Business Consultant Lorraine Marks are heading to La Jolla this week for COAA 2018. Be sure to visit them at Booth 15. You might even win an Odyssey White Hot RX #9 Putter, just for stopping by to register.

Easy to use, and customizable, with fast deployment, and a dedicated account team, VPO gives you a secure single platform and portfolio-wide views. Book a 15-minute appointment, or view a demo now, if you’d like!



See you at CMAA!

Laura Nee and Lorraine Marks look forward to introducing CMAA attendees to VPO this Sunday through Tuesday. If you’re going to the conference too, then be sure to visit them at Booth 610. You might even win an Odyssey White Hot RX #9 Putter!

Easy to use, and customizable, with fast deployment, and a dedicated account team, VPO gives you a secure single platform and portfolio-wide views.

Book a 15-minute appointment, or just stop by Booth 610. Or view a short video now, if you’d like!

Microsoft Resolving VPO Issue

We’ve recently been made aware of an issue affecting some VPO users.

Microsoft has reported that some external users of SharePoint Online sites could receive unusual or unnecessary credential prompts, or other access errors. Even longtime external users of SharePoint Online and VPO have reported encountering this issue. Sometimes these prompts or errors resolve themselves within a few hours. Microsoft also suggests closing the credential prompt, as a workaround. However, we’ve received reports that some external users have continued to experience this issue for more than 24 hours.

Microsoft tells us they’re currently deploying a fix within their internal production environment, and within the week, they’ll deploy this repair to all affected customers. We wanted to make you aware of this issue in case you’re experiencing difficulty with accessing your project sites.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@simplexgroup.com with any questions or concerns. On behalf of Microsoft and VPO, we thank you for your patience and understanding.

SharePoint Honored by Gartner

SharePoint Honored by Gartner

“SharePoint delivers content services as the foundational content platform for Office 365, with capabilities for creating, sharing, protecting, and reusing information. Going far beyond merely storing documents, SharePoint hosts digital content like pages, videos, images, designs, 3D, medical scans, and markup as well as traditional documents. SharePoint embodies ease of use with ease of management—on any device, for any user, at any location.
“These innovations, along with customers’ transition to the cloud and the growing imperative for secure content collaboration and sharing, are driving growth across Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and OneDrive. More than 300,000 organizations now have SharePoint and OneDrive in Office 365, including 85 percent of the Fortune 500. Active users grew over 90 percent, and data stored in SharePoint Online grew over 250 percent in the last year alone.
“Gartner has recognized Microsoft as a Leader in the Content Services Platform Magic Quadrant for 2017. In addition to being positioned as one of only three Leaders, Microsoft is placed highest for Ability to Execute.”

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Share Live Construction Updates Using a Webcam

Share Live Construction Updates Using a Webcam

In October of 2016, VICC | Venco Imtiaz Construction Co. selected VPO as their construction project management software to manage the construction phase of the World Bank Group’s Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan. We launched VPO so that the project team could start collaborating by sharing contract drawings, managing reviews of RFIs and Submittals, and uploading progress data.  

Traditionally our clients upload photos and videos to VPO to keep the project team informed of construction progress. For this project, VICC has installed a CCTV Webcam located at the job site, with multiple cameras that allow their team to see live video and interact with the camera through zooming and panning capabilities. They can also record a video feed of live action.

The project manager of the World Bank Group asked us to incorporate the CCTV Webcam directly into VPO so that the project team could view the job site while logged into VPO, where they are managing other project data. We offer VPO on SharePoint Online through Office 365 and discovered we could add a Page Viewer Web Part to our SharePoint site to display the browser software provided by the manufacturer for viewing the Webcam on the page. Our setup even includes the controls for interacting with the live video feed—such as selecting the camera, zooming in, and panning the job site. 

Team members can also access the Webcam from their mobile devices, using an app called iPOLIS mobile. Go ahead and view a sample video of the footage captured at the job site, with the ability to zoom in, zoom out and pan the job site. We suggest watching in full screen mode.

What’s so great is that although many of their team members work on the job site, a lot of the people working on the project work in the United States; but with this Webcam feature in VPO, they have an easy-to-access live video feed. It is exciting for us too, because we would never be able to see this client’s project in person otherwise, but this way, it feels like we can.

If you would like to find out what type of system VICC used for this project, visit the manufacturer’s Website. https://www.hanwha-security.eu/business-security-products/srn-873s/. 

The World Bank Group, the Owner of the project, is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries. Its five institutions share a commitment to reducing poverty, increasing shared prosperity, and promoting sustainable development.

VICC | Venco Imtiaz Construction Co., the General Contractor on the project, is a multinational corporation operating in the Middle East, South Asia, and North America specializing in Engineering Services, Turnkey Construction Solutions, Infrastructure Development and K-Span Pre-Engineered Buildings.

Meet Solution Specialist Kelly Rickli

Meet Solution Specialist Kelly Rickli

Having built a design career in architecture and transportation, LEED-accredited professional Kelly Rickli brings to our team a wealth of knowledge and experience in listening, analyzing, and thinking creatively to understand and solve problems.

As does every member of the Simplex team, Kelly works from her home office—which in her case means that she telecommutes from Detroit, Michigan. Immediately before joining us, she was the Michigan representative of a research group from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, conducting a naturalistic driving study of heavy vehicles. Concurrently she worked on an automated vehicle study in partnership with General Motors.

Earlier in her career, as an NCIDQ-certified interior designer Kelly worked with Spectrum Design, P.C., an architectural and engineering firm specializing in educational facilities—meeting responsibilities from programming and planning to construction administration—on award-winning projects including schools, a regional airport, a county jail, two museums, and several corporate renovations. And all the while, she was developing her project-management skills on several small projects at Virginia Tech.

We benefit from Kelly’s additional experience as a freelancer for small businesses, delivering not only graphic design services, but also marketing materials, brand development, and even Web site design —all skills and talents that she leverages daily in service of our VPO clients. In fact, several years ago, when Kelly was an intern at Simplex, she helped us rebrand our company and created our new company logos.  And later, our VPO logos. VPO

 From buildings to applications, she believes firmly that good design is necessary. While they are distinct media, architecture and the virtual world are both constructed environments, and the process of design remains the same. It’s crucial to get the structure right, but equally important that every visual detail supports the product.

As a designer, Kelly has been on the user end of RFIs and submittals and tracking changes among all parties, so she fully understands our clients’ pains, and appreciates all that VPO can do to ease and even eliminate those struggles. She knows firsthand how limiting the sheer amount of paper, having all information accessible from the field, and streamlining correspondence, can free up our clients for more efficient and effective management. Working in the AEC industry made her adept at coordination among many parties—from client to engineers, to builders.

What Kelly enjoys most about working with Simplex and our customers is developing new skills and creating customer-specific solutions. She feels particularly excited whenever she can figure out a novel solution to a unique issue. And using her graphic-design background to blend clients’ branding into our application to create a seamless and customized experience also brings her satisfaction and pride.

Kelly hopes to continue mastering engagement in all aspects of the VPO experience, from building sites to collaborating on projects with clients to create even more solutions for their teams. We are thrilled she is part of ours.

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