Yale was looking for a third-party administrator for subcontractor bidding, and The Simplex Group had the solution. The Simplex Group leveraged their VPO platform to create a robust bidding system for Yale University. Laura and her staff have exemplary customer service and training skills, in addition to the fact that they are just good people.
Suzanne McDermott

Project Management Systems Coordinator, Yale University Office of Facilities


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January 2011 – Present

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Office of Facilities

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The Yale University Office of Facilities is responsible for the maintenance and operation of existing campus buildings, the generation and distribution of energy to all campuses, and the planning, design and construction of new campus buildings. Learn more about Yale University Office of Facilities.

The Challenge

Yale University Office of Facilities faced an ever-growing number of capital improvement projects. In 2011 the department—responsible for the maintenance and operation of existing campus buildings; and the planning, design, and construction of new campus buildings—found that managing bids coming in from over 400 contractors was not feasible through an FTP site. The large volume of simultaneous projects and the thousands of bids they received were taking up the contract administration department’s time, leaving them with no way to handle other responsibilities. There was also a growing need to ensure visibility and better communication among university officials, construction managers, and contractors throughout the entire bidding process.

The Solution

Yale University Office of Facilities chose to outsource the management process of bid submissions to Simplex, freeing up their internal personnel’s time, and providing an easy-to-use online bidding system to allow contractors of all levels of technical savvy to submit bids securely in their online system. A core team of Yale personnel led by Simplex consultants Laura Nee and Beth Anderson determined that Yale needed to improve coordination efforts between their construction managers and the contractors bidding on projects. They needed our help with facilitating the site that contractors would use to upload their bids securely, and to ensure that no one accessed the bids until the bid submission period ended. It was important to Yale that contractors had an equal opportunity.

After a few design sessions and training, we implemented our bid management module in VPO to allow Yale’s project managers and construction management firms to request a bid site. Simplex creates the site and invites the contractors to upload their bid documents securely.

Today Simplex is still responsible for managing the bid process. By controlling security in VPO, each contractor can see their location and easily upload their bids into VPO. If a contractor has any issue logging into the system, they contact Simplex’s support staff. Before using VPO, contractors would have contacted Yale’s personnel, interrupting their daily work routine.

We started with 400 contractors in 2011, and now we manage over 1,200 contractors who bid work on Yale’s capital projects using VPO. We are proud to provide support to Yale, and to their construction management firms, and contractors.

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