It's not just our solution. It's yours.
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We came from a system where we used only one quarter of its functionality because we didn’t need everything it offered –but we still had to pay for it. VPO’s flexibility allowed us to create our own project templates including only the features we needed. This also helped lessen the learning curve for our end users.
Bob B.

Project Manager, Construction Manager


The majority of construction management systems are created with specific features and functionality that can’t be modified or tailored. Software engineers develop the applications and distribute them to their end users. If you request a change or a new module, they won’t add it unless most of their other customers have requested that same function. This method forces you, the customer, to fit your processes and procedures into the way the software company thinks you should be doing your job–and they may not have any background in construction project management.

Modify Existing Features

Any module or feature we offer can be tailored to fit your processes, and don’t worry; customization doesn’t take months with VPO. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t really work for most projects or teams. We’re happy to make unique modifications and enhancements that suit a client’s needs. Or perhaps some of the projects a particular customer manages require specific functionality that other projects in the same portfolio don’t. Regardless of the reason, we customize to optimize–even if all you want to do is rename some terminology or drop-down values in a form.

Add New Features

We’ve developed a series of modules that are common to most construction projects, and which are in successful use by our customers. By giving you a starting point, we’re able to deploy VPO rapidly on your next project. Once you get going, and you see how these modules work, you may think of new ideas for functionality that could help you in managing other aspects of your projects. With VPO’s flexibility, we’re able to develop new areas quickly, and roll them out to the project team in no time.

Make it Your Own

By working with a partner who understands that software should support your process and not force you to change your ways to fit its design, you’re able to start right away with proven best practices, and grow. VPO is your solution, and it just becomes more and more useful as we work together to refine and customize your company’s standard practice for managing projects.