Daily Reports

Receive field reports right from your people at the job site.
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VPO is so easy to use. All I have to do is take my iPad and fill out our standard field report – just like I would with a PC  – except this way is a lot more mobile.
Tricia S.

Field Superintendent, General Contractor

Daily Reports

Once construction begins, it’s important to document daily activity on the job site. Typically a Superintendent will review the work performed, and document it in some type of report. There can be many challenges in performing this task, but with VPO we can find the right solution for you. Capturing photos in real-time or referencing them back at the office, working offline at the jobsite, or integrating with existing processes are all in our repertoire.

Record Field Reports using a Mobile Device

With VPO, a Superintendent can walk the job site using any mobile device–tablet, smartphone, etc.–to document the work performed, visitors to the site, weather, equipment, and more, by filling out an easy pre-built form. They can take pictures right from the job site and attach them to the daily report. Best of all, it’s fully captured in a printable report.

Third-party Integration

VPO also has the capability to integrate with other third-party tools such as NoteVault. As with all documents, the reports can be stored on VPO for a single source of information.