Document Management

Review and approve project documents from any device.
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I can access any project document in the field right from my iPhone and iPad. Technology is a wonderful thing.
Elizabeth K.

Project Manager, General Contractor

Document Management

Project documents can easily get lost when stored in different locations like the hard drive on your work computer and the laptop that you take to the job site. Searching for documents can be nearly impossible, and even if you’re disciplined enough to store your project documents on a file server, you have to connect through a VPN–which has file-property limits, and which can be slow.

Store Project Documents in the Cloud

With VPO, all project documents can be stored in the Cloud and accessed from multiple devices like a PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone. Because VPO is built on the Microsoft 365 platform, our customers leverage out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 functionality for document management–including editing documents right from your browser and mobile devices, and using applications like the OneDrive app. VPO document storage gives our clients enterprise search capabilities for combing through the contents of a document rather than just looking at a title–including searching PDF documents, whether OCR is used in the file or not.

Work Collaboratively with Multiple Parties

If you find yourself working with other team members on developing project documents, you can take advantage of co-authoring through Microsoft Online applications like Word, PowerPoint, and more. You can also work with your documents offline, and then automatically sync your modifications to the version in the Cloud.

Version History

Every time a user edits a document, a new version is created in the background. This allows you to keep track of each time someone makes a change to a document. If you don’t approve an update that another team member has made, you can simply revert back to a previous version–assuming you have the appropriate permissions.