Make sure everyone is always working to the latest set.
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With the old way it was literally pieces of paper and not only were those expensive but they were also time consuming to make and manage.
Joe S.

Project Manager, Construction Owner

Drawing Management

At the heart of any construction project are sets of drawings that have gone through many iterations and phases. It can be difficult to manage the drawings that the Architect is developing during the design phase as well as the drawings that are issued during the construction phase. In the construction phase it’s important to make sure that your Contractors are always working to the latest set of drawings, in order to prevent delays and extra costs.

Share Drawings

With VPO you can upload any type of digital drawing file and make it available to your participants, so that all team members are viewing, downloading, and working to an identical set of drawings.

Distribute Drawing Issuances to the Team

A centralized drawing-issuance log tracks the details of any drawing so that there’s never any confusion among members of your team. A repository of all drawing files is managed online, and email notifications are sent automatically to participants once an issuance has been submitted. Drawings are also accessible on your team members’ mobile devices, as well as being available offline.

Mark Up Drawings

Team members can mark up drawings by redlining, commenting, adding text, and stamping approvals. Any time a change is made to a drawing, a new version is created. This can be done on a mobile device online, or offline. Offline changes automatically sync once you regain Internet access.