Easy-to-use Construction Project Management Software

Built for Owners, Construction Managers, Designers, and Contractors

VPO is construction project management software that reduces turnaround time on review processes, eliminates rework and chaos, and provides real-time updates to people working in the field. It is easy-to-use, quick to deploy and accessible from any device. Our customers benefit from our 30+ years of project management expertise combined with a reliable Cloud platform, Microsoft Office 365™.

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Our customers appreciate our dedicated account support, offering unlimited user training and guidance for your entire team. With VPO, you can invite as many team members as you need to collaborate with you on your projects, for free.
“VPO makes it easy to share a large amount of information quickly with the entire project team. With today’s fast-paced, multi-phase projects–quick and reliable communication and coordination are critical.”
Carlo Mastracci

Construction Manager, Stantec

Provides a Single Platform

VPO enables all project participants to use one system to manage the entire life cycle of the project – from project inception through closeout. It can be used by Owners, Construction Management Firms, Architects, Engineers, Vendors, Suppliers and Contactors. It can serve as the single project of record in case of a claim or dispute. And it streamlines traditional manual processes into automated processes for construction document reviews – keeping your project moving.


Adds Value with Customization

We offer best practices as a starting point that are proven and used on real projects by real customers. VPO is very customizable –a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for many of our customers. That’s the difference between it and other off-the-shelf applications. We give you a starting point so that you can use it right out of the gate and then we work with you to tweak what we have and add new features that are required for your projects.

Offers Mobility

Nowadays, everyone is on the move. Whether you’re traveling to the job site, working from home, working out of your car you still need access to your project information. With VPO you will have access to the online environment of your project using a PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone –anytime from virtually anywhere. You can even sync documents locally to be able to work with them offline.

“We found the Tech Support offered through not only The Simplex Group but also the Vendor’s website to be outstanding. Support and help responses from Laura Nee’s office were quick, and their assistance proved invaluable throughout the life of the project.”
Gayle Stetz

Project Coordinator, Wellington Power Corporation

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No annual contract or long-term commitment required. VPO is offered as a monthly subscription fee offering unlimited support, training, and storage. Invite anyone to collaborate with you on your projects –for free. You will be up and running in no time!