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“The biggest thing we asked VPO to do for us as a base was to take the data that was coming into SAP, and actually bring that into each project site so we could see, by material category, what our spend was. They helped us bring that data in daily, by project, in a deliberate, consistent way.”

Justina H.

Director of Project Management Office, Adobe


Often there’s a overlap between data being handled within a project management system and within other line-of-business applications for an organization. The last thing you want is to duplicate data entry and processes–costing your employees valuable time, and risking errors. We have a strong understanding of mainstream software systems, and have created a solid data exchange for VPO’s integration. 

Connecting Your Information

Every software system contains a multitude of important data. We work with our clients to define each system that data is being entered into, determine the frequency of its exchange with other systems, and develop the mapping of data between various systems. We want to be sure your information is pulled, updated, and displayed dynamically between VPO’s platform and the systems you’re already using. 

No More Information Silos

By integrating VPO with your existing software solutions, you can ensure that users across your organization are staying informed and up to date on the latest developments–all within the platforms they are comfortable using. 

Flexibility Across Platforms

Leverage our experience and expertise in integrating with most major enterprise solutions. Customization and problem solving are our specialties. VPO can integrate with any open-platform system.