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“The biggest thing we asked VPO to do for us as a base was to take the data that was coming into SAP, and actually bring that into each project site so we could see, by material category, what our spend was. They helped us bring that data in daily, by project, in a deliberate, consistent way.”

Justina H.

Director of Project Management Office, Adobe


Usually there’s overlap between data being handled within a project management solution, and other important data maintained in other line-of-business applications. You have a choice: Force your team to do duplicate data entry or juggle multiple user interfaces, wasting their time and introducing errors and risk–or integrate your systems and data. Our team has extensive experience moving data into and out of VPO and other systems commonly found in our industry. We can help! 

No More Information Silos 

By integrating VPO with your existing software solutions, you can ensure your users are up to date on the latest project developments–all within the software they’re already comfortable using.  

Connecting Your Information 

We work with you to understand your broader integration goals, to inventory and catalog relevant data sources and targets and their integration capabilities, to determine the desired frequency of exchange between systems, and then to design and build the transport and mapping of data between systems. We can use our middleware, or yours, if you prefer. VPO is designed to interoperate within your technology ecosystem.

Flexibility Across Platforms 

Leverage our experience and expertise in integrating with most major enterprise software, like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Project, and more. We can pull data into VPO from data warehouses, as well as publishing/exporting VPO data into your data warehouse or BI solutions (like Power BI and Tableau.) Customization and problem solving are our specialties.

Please let us know which system(s) you’d like us to integrate VPO with for your team.