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It’s so easy to take a bunch of progress photos and upload them to our project site. Karen G.

Field Manager, Subcontractor

Job Site Photos & Videos

Progress information is visible at the job site; yet not all team members are present at the job site. A picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s vital to be able to capture visual information and share it with the rest of your team. Nowadays it’s easy to take numerous photos from a mobile device, but it’s not always easy to organize and upload them to a Cloud-based construction management system. Even when uploaded, pictures and videos don’t store text data, so when it comes to searching on keywords to find a picture, you’re limited to just its filename.

Easily Tag Metadata in Pictures and Videos

With VPO you can take a picture or a video from your mobile device, tag it with Metadata like a title and specific keywords, and easily upload it to your system. If you search later for this picture, using relevant keywords, the image will appear in your search results.

Quickly Upload a Set of Photos

If you prefer uploading a series of pictures and videos at one time, that don’t need to be tagged, or will be tagged at a later point, you can select which pictures to upload and then upload them at one time–or you can select to sync your files wirelessly from your mobile device, automatically.

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