Meeting Minutes

Document and share the items discussed in team meetings.
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Distributing meeting minutes to the team has never been quicker or easier.
Brian T.

Project Administrator, General Contractor

Meeting Minutes

Meetings are an important part of the project; they are the communication gateway for all members of your project team. Everybody gathers to review progress on the project, address any issues, and assign important action items to other team members. Typically, whoever is responsible for creating the meeting minutes creates a static document and then emails it, as an attachment, to the project team, unnecessarily filling up people’s inboxes.

Use Microsoft Word Templates to Create Meeting Minutes

Most companies use Microsoft Word today to generate meeting minutes. So why change? We can incorporate your own company’s template into VPO so that you can easily standardize how people create meeting minutes across projects. Using this method, we can incorporate your company’s branding, and use our standard template for section headings to give you a professional look and feel. With our expertise in Microsoft product suite, we can enhance the template with smart-tool functionality to reduce discrepancies and prevent entering duplicate information. The best part yet? You’ll be able to store the meeting minutes in a single location and search for any keyword or phrase to find a specific meeting-minutes document in seconds.

Don’t email the meeting minutes to the team. Because you’re creating them in VPO, team members get notified automatically the moment they’re published–saving you time and energy!

Keep Track of Action Items

Teams discuss Important issues and action items during every progress meeting. We give you a simple way to manage these business items. You can track the item, with due date, and assign it to a team member; then they’ll receive an automatic email notification about the assignment. Follow each action item by capturing everything in a centralized responsibility list for the project. This way, you ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.