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We found the Tech Support offered through not only The Simplex Group but also the Vendor’s website to be outstanding. Support and help responses from Laura Nee’s office were quick and their assistance proved invaluable throughout the life of the project.
Gayle S.

Project Coordinator, General Contractor

Implementation & Support

With VPO, our customers benefit from our 30+ years of project management expertise combined with a reliable Cloud platform, Microsoft Office 365. If your company uses Office 365 as a managed services solution, we can install VPO in your Office 365 environment. If you do not have Office 365, we will provide a unique Office 365 environment for your company. Later, if your company decides to move to Office 365, you will be one step ahead because your Office 365 environment will already be live. Explore Office 365 for Business.

When you select VPO as your project management system, we provide initial implementation services to get your team started with VPO quickly. We provide training and support services to anyone you invite to use VPO including people outside of your company. We administer VPO for you –we become an extension of your project management team. You will have a single point of contact who leads you through implementation and is continuously involved with your company as you use VPO. We take a very hands-on approach to make sure that you get the most out of your investment in our software.


With VPO, we deploy proven best-practices content like RFIs, Submittals, Meeting Minutes, Daily Reports, and others as-is allowing you to get started quickly with VPO. Many of our customers choose to tailor our content to support their use of VPO for a particular project or client. Often, they request us to develop entirely new content as they learn more about VPO. VPO can evolve into your company’s unique project management system.

During implementation, we establish a core team who will make the decisions on how to use VPO. You choose the functionality of VPO that you want to use. We work with you to define who the users of the system will be and “who has access to what” and what type of access they should have; read-only, full control, or maybe contribute-no delete. We identify the processes that team members will follow when submitting information. We may develop custom reports that are unique to you or your client. You may have system integration needs –the need to share information managed in VPO with other line-of-business applications or vice versa. Integration is a standard requirement between VPO and financial systems and ERP systems.


Once we define how you will use VPO, we provide training to your entire team. Our training is role-based, only teaching users what they need to know about using VPO. Our training is typically done in phases too. There is no reason to add every feature all at once. You can select the most important features first, show immediate ROI, and then add more features in the future. With VPO, we provide training, so you do not need to obtain additional funding to get a new team trained on VPO.

We also record our training so our users can watch it after when they need it most –like returning to their office and using VPO for the first time. Our customers appreciate the fact that we offer an entire library of training videos on our YouTube channel. Here, you can learn about standard features like how to set an alert, how to create a new view, or just watch an overview of VPO. We also develop a special area for our client’s custom training videos on YouTube. Visit our YouTube Channel.


Our clients are busy managing their projects, and they do not always get 100% attention from their internal resources to administer their project management system. Our customers appreciate the fact that they can rely on us to manage all aspects of their system. At Simplex, we take a different approach to supporting you than other software vendors. We believe it is better to continuously assist our clients throughout their use of VPO, rather than just at the beginning.

We offer services like new project creation, assigning user permissions, and inviting external users on your behalf. We remove the challenges that people face, setting up their projects in a system like SharePoint. When you are ready to start a new project, you complete a new project request on VPO that automatically notifies your support team of your new project. By providing us with information about your new projects, such as the users, their permissions, and any other unique details, we can create the new project and turn it over to you quickly and schedule training for your entire team.

With VPO, you do not have to dedicate internal staff to support it. However, some of our customers want to get their internal staff involved, and that is no problem. If you have the personnel in place with the right skill set, we are happy to train them on how to support your use of VPO.

On-going Support for the Entire Team

While you use VPO, our support team is here for you and anyone else you invite into your system. You will always have a single point of contact at Simplex who understands your use of VPO. Your Simplex contact is not just a technical support resource –they are also a consultant who was involved with your initial implementation.

No matter what your team’s issue is; a user forgot their password, you need a custom report; you want to add a drop-down value to a field on your RFI form, we have you covered. Because we deliver VPO in the Office 365 platform, we can offer 24×7 technical support from Microsoft bundled with our application-level support, ensuring that your system is accessible and usable –always.

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