Project Email

Quickly and easily find email messages regarding your project--all in one place.
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With thousands of emails on a project it can be difficult to find information. With VPO we can go right into the inbox of our project and find any email using a keyword search.
Susan W.

Project Coordinator, Architectural Firm

Project Email

Email, email, email; it’s ubiquitous and inevitable. So much of project communications is done via email, but storing vital information in people’s personal inboxes makes it very difficult to find–because it’s so segregated. We also unnecessarily fill up our inboxes by receiving messages with attachments that we’re copied on multiple times. And often we try to send messages with such large attachments that they don’t even go through.

An Inbox for the Project

While we can’t stop email, we can try to control it. In VPO, we establish a mailbox that is assigned specifically to the project.

Easy to Use

Simply CC the project’s email address every time you send out a new project-related message or reply to a message that’s relevant to the project. Not only will it be stored to the project mailbox, but everyone’s replies will be stored there too. Don’t worry if someone forgets to hit Reply All, because you can always forward an email message later, to store it in the project’s inbox.