Project Scheduling

Develop a plan using best practices, and make updates in an online environment that's yours.
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Project Online is so much easier and simpler to use than Microsoft Project. I like that I can update the schedule just using my browser.
Sara D.

Porfolio Manager, Construction Owner

Project Scheduling

A project plan is a critical component of any construction project–large or small–yet many people don’t understand that it’s a disciplined process. They produce a project plan without baselining it, so then when it’s updated, it looks like your team is on track when that might not really be true. Owners and Construction Managers depend on their project’s Contractors to develop and maintain the schedule, but often they don’t require that key information be included which can be used to question whether or not the Contractor’s work will actually be on schedule.

Centralize an Online Schedule

VPO is fully integrated with a Web-based version of Microsoft Project, Project Online, to provide a centralized, online schedule for the project team. When the whole team reviews and analyzes the online schedule, everyone is looking at the same information. What-if analysis can be performed by the Owner or Construction Manager, because you aren’t just looking at a static PDF version of the schedule provided by the Contractor. Contractors can allow Subcontractors to develop their portions of the schedule online as well. The benefit is that there is one integrated schedule, capturing all parties’ responsibilities.

Project Online offers an easy-to-use interface to help team members develop and update their project schedules. If you prefer using a more robust tool like the desktop app of Microsoft Project, you can simply check it out using Project Pro, make changes, and check it back in.

Establish Best Practices in Planning

Organizations often struggle with incorporating consistent standards for the development of project plans. We encourage you to build templates that include a standard Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), activities with estimated durations, established logic between tasks, assigned generic resources, estimated labor costs, and more–anything you know about the project that can be a starting point for your other projects. Not only will this process aid in reducing the time it takes to develop a project schedule, but it will provide a consistent progress report across any project managed within your organization.

Get Visibility Across Projects

By using the online version of Microsoft Project, Project Online, you’re able to get a portfolio view of all projects managed within your organization. Executive Management can get a quick snapshot of Key Progress Indicators (KPIs), or information that is important to making sure you’re staying on track, on all of your projects.