Whom can we invite to VPO?  Customers can invite anyone to use VPO–including people inside their organization and people outside of their organization. We work with you to determine security groups based on roles, and then assign users their permission levels based on their roles. Users can view only what is shared with them.

How will we access VPO?  If you have an Office 365 subscription, then we can install VPO within your own Office 365 environment. If you do not have Office 365, The Simplex Group, Inc. (Simplex) will set up and configure an Office 365 subscription for your use of VPO. Simplex will require a user with Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator privileges and licenses for SharePoint and Exchange Online. End users need a Web browser with internet access. There are mobile applications like SharePoint Mobile and OneDrive that can be installed on tablets and smartphones.

How do we train our teams? We provide a block of training hours with every subscription of VPO. The training hours can be conducted in a live, instructor-led training environment using Web-conferencing technology. Customers may request on-site training; travel expenses will apply. Live, instructor-led training courses are recorded and made available to users to work within a self-paced environment.
As part of our customization efforts, we record client-specific training modules and make them available to your team so that they can watch them at their own pace.

What is included in your administration services? Simplex becomes an extension of your project management team by providing administration services to support your use of VPO. Simplex will create new projects, assign permissions to users, and invite users on our Client’s behalf.   

What type of support is included with VPO? Simplex will assist internal and external users if they have any issues accessing VPO, resetting their passwords, printing, or with other problems that may occur when logging into Office 365. You will have a dedicated support team that is familiar with your use of VPO.

What type of security, privacy, and compliance controls do you offer? With Office 365, it is your data. You own it. You control it. Moreover, it is yours to take with you if you decide to leave the service. That is why we have chosen to deliver VPO through Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. Microsoft has taken every precaution to make sure your environment is secure and compliant. Visit the Office 365 Trust Center to find detailed and up-to-date information directly from Microsoft.

What are the fees associated with using VPO? We offer VPO as a subscription-based service available on a predictable recurring fee structure. In addition to our Subscription fees, there are one-time implementation and customization fees.

How will we deploy VPO?  Implementation begins by establishing a core team who will be responsible for the decisions to be made on how you will use VPO.  An Executive Sponsor is required to ensure the success and acceptance of VPO and to manage any conflicts on the core team.

What happens after implementation? Once the recommended implementation sessions are complete, we will schedule a Client Review Meeting with your Executive Sponsor, Implementation Core Team, and Business Development Manager. The objective of this meeting is to recap everything that we had planned to accomplish, ensure that we met your expectations, and review any additional work that needs to be completed in the future. We will be expecting your feedback during this meeting!