Punch List

Create and manage list items right from the job site.
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Now I can create a punch list at the job site using my mobile device. It’s so easy!
Carl M.

Project Manager, Owners Representative

Punch List

Near the end of the job, it’s important to make sure that any issues or outstanding items have been taken care of. As a Project Manager, it’s your job to review each item, document and assign responsibility to it, and manage it through completion. You need to make sure that you have an easy way to enter each punch-list item, assign it to the appropriate team member, and oversee it to a strong finish.

Easily Create Punch-list Items in the Field

With VPO, you can walk the job site and enter new punch-list items using your mobile device–tablet, smartphone, etc. As punch-list items are created and assigned, the Project Manager can attach photos and videos, right from the job site, to the items, to give more details. Print it to pdf and review the items with photos at your next construction meeting.

Manage your Punch List through Completion

As punch-list items are assigned, automatic email notifications are sent to each team member, reminding them of their responsibilities and providing the details of the issue. If the team member has a question about the issue, they can enter it right in the punch-list item form and send it back to the Project Manager for clarification. They can even attach a drawing or a sketch as reference. All of the interaction is being tracked automatically in an audit trail with date and timestamp data. This gives the Project Manager one central location for keeping track of all issues until they’re closed out.