Good decision making relies on transparency and accuracy.
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We’re updating fields, which are going into the reporting logs. We reduce response times with ball-in-court and due-date tracking. Again, it’s capturing real-time data that we don’t have to collate and present in a different manner. Today, with VPO, there’s no longer a clerical function and reports are automatically generated.

Paul Buckley, P.E.

President & CEO, Co-Founder, Simplus Management Corp.


Implementing an effective project reporting system is a big coordination challenge. Integrating the vast amount of information and data from all phases of construction can be difficult. Management and stakeholders require accurate reporting systems to make informed decisions and ensure that projects are being delivered on time and on budget.

Effective Reporting Leads to Project Success

VPO helps you plan, forecast, and manage your budget at both the project and portfolio levels, in the Microsoft 365 platform you’re already using. No exporting your data to another program; no extra steps!

Simple HTML Reports to Robust Power BI Reports

You’ll get built-in reports from project-specific information like open RFIs, submittals, and change orders, to dashboard reports that are interactive, allowing your audience to drill down into the details that they’re interested in. We provide everything from simple HTML-based reports to robust interactive Power BI reports; again, utilizing the tools you and your team are already familiar with, from Microsoft’s suite of products.