Easily manage the review-and-approval process online.
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We had over nine Subcontractors working on our $80M construction project. We could never have managed our project using traditional paper-based submittal methods.
Robert R.

Project Manager, General Contractor


On a typical construction project, you can have hundreds of submittal items to review. Being prepared for when each item will be coming into your office for review, and managing that process, is vital to success. Making sure that you have enough workforce to manage submittals as they come in is critical. Juggling the submittal process to ensure that each submittal is in the right hands at the right time is key. The traditional submittal process is manual and highly paper-based, incurring unnecessary project costs. Many companies try to manage the submittal process using email, but it’s difficult to find the status of a submittal as they all get buried in your email system.

Quickly Prepare Submittals Online

With VPO, Contractors can prepare and submit their submittal items online by filling out a simple form and attaching the submittal items. The submittal items can be shop drawings, a schedule, or an operating manual. If a Contractor has an item that cannot be submitted electronically, they can still complete the online form and document the delivery schedule of the item. Saving a submittal automatically prompts an email notification to the Ball-in-Court contact who is assigned to review the submittal items.

Automate Transmittals

No separate transmittal is necessary, which saves time and effort for the Contractors preparing the submittals. The automatic email notification serves as the cover-letter transmittal, and lists the contents of the submittal items.

Track the Status of Submittals

Having all submittals initiated online gives you a central submittal log listing every submittal currently under way or approved. You can view the list to see open submittals, submittals sorted by Ball-in-Court contact, by turnaround time, and more. You can also see the version history of a submittal, including an audit trail of date and timestamp data on anyone editing any information on the submittal.